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U Reach is a connected control bracelet for all your digital platforms, programmable, secured for a unique user.

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U Reach enables a pointing peripheral (cursor), a control interaction (point, click, grab, pull, push, zoom…) for VR and AR platforms, all operating systems and engines (Unity, Unreal, Windows, Linux, Mac OS, Android…) and all connected peripherals (IOT, Automation, Access Control Point).


Our independent authentication API makes each U Reach unit unique, with a secured programmed user recognition protocol, applicable to all identification required access points. We apply the most protective and strict protocols to secure all user data in conformity with European Union laws.


Our API transcribes specific wrist and hand motions, including wrist rotations, into specific commands and control actions in a digital environment, enabled to interact with all platforms.

Integrated Tracker

The user relative position algorithm allows precise gesture tracking. Our partially embedded Artificial Intelligence protocols, enables automated corrections, ensuring U Reach optimization.


U Reach is designed to adapt to all future operating systems, via wireless transmission of motions and controlled actions (evolving API).

Green values

Interactive Recreation, LLC is trying to make U Reach with the lowest Carbon footprint possible. We consider our responsibility as manufacturers to envision and plan for the recycling of our product. We will recycle what we produce. Our first product will be manufactured, packaged and stored within a 50 miles radius in France in accordance with the European Union laws and the principles of responsible eco-friendly manufacturers.


Product Launch at CES 2018.

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Interactive Recreation, LLC is the designee and managing body assigned for the exploitation of the patent linked to U Reach. Interactive Recreation, LLC selected BVR SAS to create the prototype, develop the initial applications, under the codes and regulations of international business, under the form of a license agreement.

Interactive Recreation, LLC is in a long-term relationship with BVR SAS for all current and further R&D.

ESTELEC Industrie was selected for the hardware design, the prototyping, the industrialization and the manufacturing in France of U Reach, in accordance with European laws.

U Reach will be UL/UE certified. Patent pending.

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Thomas Bronesky

Thomas Bronesky

President, CEM, Interactive Recreation, LLC, U Reach Co-inventor

Tom is a self made American entrepreneur and innovator with an extensive background in Executive Leadership, Sales, Operations and Marketing. His International and multicultural background, molded him into a strong Leader with accurate Vision, Business Strategy, Market knowledge and Planning.

His knowledge acquired both in the Public and Private Sector in Strategic & Business Intelligence made him successful in high stakes Negotiations.

He is fluent in three languages English, French, Spanish.

He is married and has three wonderful children. Tom is a BSM and MSM recipient.

Fréderic Pinto Bicho

Fréderic Pinto Bicho

CEO, BVR SAS France, U Reach Co-inventor

Fred has a Masters GSAT with a specialization in embedded electronic systems from the University of Bordeaux, France. His talent and knowledge was put to the test by working for THALES S.A, NovaSparks, Sagem Défense ,ERSA (European Rail Software Applications), HAGER, Travelport,Stelae Technology (Indian Air Force), CGI in various fields: aeronautics, High Frequency Trading, home automations, railway, automobile, mobile solutions, internet and management applications. His quest into innovation and entrepreneurship led him naturally to the promising world of VR and AR. Three years of thoughts created U Reach. Fred is associated to Thomas and Herve for this great adventure, opening the world of VR and AR to all.

Fred speaks French, English, Spanish and Japanese. He is a passionate roller blader, loves trecking, computer science, and his cat DAG.

Hervé Brenac

Hervé Brenac

General Manager, BVR SAS, U Reach Co-inventor

Hervé is a successful entrepreneur since 1981, with a solid experience in International Business. Hervé is the backbone of our back office. In addition to his current implication in BVR SAS, he is:

Hervé is passionate of new technologies, car racing, his wife Christine and his three children.